Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ohhhh what a night

Late December and it's.......That's all I've got. I can hum the whole thing, though.

It was ugly. It was brutal. It wasn't the kid's fault. They were sweet angels who slept all night long. Though Riley got up super early. I knew why as soon as I hit their hallway. The stench was pretty awful. But he played happily with his trains until I came to get him.

I was up every hour from 10 to 1. At 1:15 I woke up to this on my head:
Rust and all.

And this in my neck:
knife Pictures, Images and Photos

Today I feel like this:
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I think I fell asleep during the 5 o'clock hour but was back up at 6.

This message brought to you by Grumpy Mama. I will be back later with lots of goodness and long as my children revert back to their normal selves today.

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