Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not a moment of peace

The children have conspired against me today. Riley decided to take two naps today. Which is very rare and very wonderful. Brock decided to take super short naps and they happened to end just as soon as Riley's began.


Cute punks.

After a visit from Sudie and her children, Riley picked up that you say, "Cheese" when a picture is being taken. It's super cute but now I can't get candids from him when we're inside. He can hear the camera turn on and he turns right towards it and starts CHEESING his little heart out. (It's also a great device for knowing when he's snagged my camera off a counter.)

The boys had been playing so sweetly on the floor with Riley getting in Brock's face and laughing and Brock giggling in return. Too bad I didn't get to it before Riley noticed me and the camera paying attention.

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