Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I had a talk with myself yesterday

We were headed out to the grocery store and I needed to put on something other than pajamas. I don't have a large selection of things to wear. I'm finally a bit too small for my maternity wear. (which is good since I birthed Brock 9 months ago) I'm nowhere near small enough for my pre-baby wear. I have a small selection of "fat clothes" that I wear these days. Maternity shirts--they're longer and don't cling-- and mostly elastic waisted shorts--self explanatory.

I was putting on a shirt, telling myself, it doesn't matter, Margaret, no one is looking at you. You've got cute kids. You're a mother of two, no one cares that you're chunky.

Then I had to give myself a mental slap. And an out loud pep talk. Margaret, it doesn't matter that you're a mother of two. You're a wife of one(thank goodness, I couldn't handle another one) and he deserves to see some semblance of the woman he married.

Now, if I'd quit making sweets just so I can blog about them.

One day, I'd like to get somewhere even CLOSE to this weight. (I wanted to post a better looking picture of me when I was skinny but they're all a bit risque and I'm pretty sure my mother and mother-in-law could do without seeing them.)


  1. You, my darling, are beautiful and wonderful. I fully support your decision to be healthy and in shape, and I appreciate the desire to be healthy and in shape for both the boys and The Guy. But you want it for yourself, too, right? Cause you're also an important part of this equation, just as important as the men in your life. :)

  2. Why don't you cook healthy for the blog, experiment with healthy alternatives so you can motivate us all to live healthier. And then, you can publish a book with your dietitian friend. And we can go walking/jogging now that its cooler again!

  3. Alright Cindy, school me on healthy eating and I'll start writing about it. And when the boys are in MDO we need to work out!