Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stop fighting it

Brock is having a day. He took a short morning nap, which was good since we had to go pick up Riley from "school". Then he decided to not take his second least not when he needed it. Lots of playing followed by a lot of screaming. Rocking chair with Mama didn't go over well either. So I took him out and we played for 20 minutes before he lost it again. He fought it for another 20 minutes before finally passing out. I hate hearing my baby scream.

In honor of my little sweetie, I'll show you some good parenting on my part.

I let him pull the devil cat's tail.
No front claws and he's only put his teeth on him a few times. Trouble takes a lot of abuse from the boys.

There's a tv up there.

You're a good Mom, promise. Just put some clothes on me, I'm cold.

1 comment:

  1. you are cracking. me. up. you ARE a good mom. i promise.