Monday, August 3, 2009

Was there a full moon last night?

Brock went right down at 7 last night. Riley followed at 8 with very little protest.

Hello 2:37am. Brock woke up crying and kept at it. I went in and found a paci and handed it over. The crying continued. The Guy wondered if it was teeth bothering him(he doesn't have any but has super swollen gums). I went in with tylenol and a snuggle. He was quiet for maybe 10 minutes before getting started again. I try to wait it out but he was super upset so I went in and changed his diaper and decided to try to rock him a bit. After some fussing and arching he settled down. I had put my hand on his belly and rubbed a bit and could feel all the gurgles in there. Dang change to milk based formula! After 20 minutes of him just staring at me, I figured he was in the "daze" where the kid can't close his eyes but is super sleepy. I put him down and he went to sleep at some point because I didn't hear him again.

You know I didn't fall asleep for a long time. I kept thinking I could hear him. It's about 3:30am at this point.

Hello 4:54am. Riley is screaming bloody murder at his door. It's been months since he's pulled that trick. I go in and find pacis for him(don't judge, I know he's over 2 but I Mama needs to sleep). He goes back down but you know I don't.

Hi, my name is Margaret and I'm a zombie today. Nice to meet you.

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