Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The Guy is heading to the casino tomorrow for some gambling and golf and it has sparked a love of poker that we let fizzle once we had kids. Our second trip together was to Vegas because he won a seat at the World Poker Tour by beating a bunch of folks at the Silver Star.

All this to tell you that I have been slacking at blogging because I've been on Full Tilt playing poker with play money.

To make up for that I shall show you some pictures of my angels/devils(depending on the moment and the amount of sleep I've had).

I tried to take a picture of Brock before he woke up but Riley stormed in screaming "BOCK WAKE!" before I could snap it.
See the cute little smile?

Teeth are a'comin'. I think he'll get the bottom fronts at the same time.

The camera comes out and Riley gets all up in my bizness.

Some sweet brotherly love happening. I have to stay very close when Brock gets off the carpet. When he gets shoved over on wood or tile, it's ugly. Riley immediately covers his bottom and tries to run away. Smart boy.

I hope you enjoyed your baby fix. I'll try to do better. Promise.

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