Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have some amazing Mommy friends who are super smart. They told me about sensory buckets. You fill containers with all kinds of stuff and the kids play with it. I have one with pasta, one with beans, and one with rice for each boy. So far we've only played with pasta and beans since they make a big enough mess as it is. I'm scared of the clean up after we play with rice!

They both love scooping and filling and transferring from bowl to bowl. Brock especially loves to dump all his beans out, sit down in them, and kick and push the beans all. over. the. place. I usually just go a little berserk and clean all that up instead of taking a picture of it.

Here's a picture of each boy playing with his beans. It buys me about 10 minutes of quiet before I have to intervene. Perfect time to get the dishes unloaded!
Notice he only has on one slipper. We can't find the other one but he still wants to wear the one.


Here's a link for you that has a ton of sensory bucket ideas.

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