Sunday, April 1, 2012


Riley had to have some dental surgery. His teeth were really horrible and the amount of work needed was going to take 3-4 visits to the dentist so we decided to do it one shebang at the hospital. Not the most fun way to start off Christmas vacation but, at 4, he didn't really know any better! The worst part was the morning of. We were supposed to be there at 6 am but we found out the day before we had been pushed back until 10. Not cool when you have to keep a 4 year old from eating or drinking anything!
Now you know he found food somewhere and took it to his room and ate it. Thankfully I found him at it before much could be ingested but we had to call the dentist anyway and see what the change of plan would be. We got pushed another 2 hours! At least we still got to do it that day. I took the boys to the park to burn some time and my friend Angie came with 2 of her kids. It was the perfect time waster and we all had a great time. Then it was off to the hospital, just the two of us!

He was such a trooper!

He really didn't freak out at all. This was after the versed had started working. Look at those rosy cheeks!

The after surgery wasn't as pretty. He was a bit upset but after they gave him to me he settled a bit and I held him until he woke up enough to drink a little something. Which he threw up. It was mostly just spit. We finally got him to drink a little ice slurry kind of thing and we could come home.

He had 2 teeth pulled, 2 baby root canals, 2 caps, 2 spacers, and 4 fillings. Banner day!

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