Monday, January 17, 2011


We are starting a new chapter in our lives. The Guy is going into his own dealership with 2 partners. We're leaving the security and familiarity of what we've known for the great unknown. We heard a wonderful sermon at church yesterday based on Abraham's journey to the promised land. The preacher talked about how Abraham didn't have much information to go on. God spoke to him and said get moving, I'll let you know when you get there. Just head this way.

It was a perfect sermon for us. We're off on a new adventure and we hope and pray it is a happy and prosperous one!

Because we're leaving behind security, it's time to buckle down and stop spending money. We don't eat out much and I usually menu plan but we still bleed money at the grocery store(and Walmart)(and Target). I hope to discover more ways of saving money that I will realistically use. I'll share them with you and I hope you'll tell me ways you save money!

My first goal is to quit buying bread at the store. I already make bread but I still buy it at the store. No more. I can make hamburger buns, white bread, wheat bread, and sourdough. I just need to make them more regularly.

So what do you do to save money?

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