Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am so far from catching up on all the pictures I have to put on this blog. So in the mean time--I have a cute story for you.

I went to pick Riley up from Mother's Day Out this morning and learned all about Riley's mdo harem. He loves the girls and they love him. There is lots of hugging and chasing. But Riley has a first wife of the group. Her name is Morgan and he talks about her ALL. THE. TIME. If they see each other they actually run and embrace. It's straight out of a movie.

So, the story:
They were reading a story today and Riley was laying down a little away from the group. Morgan came over and Riley flung his arm out, she laid down at his side and put her head on his shoulder. Riley curled his arm around Morgan's shoulder and Morgan patted his stomach as they lay there. The teachers said they looked like an old married couple. They wanted to take a picture but didn't because that's not quite the behavior they want to encourage in three year olds. I wish I had seen it. I'm sure it was hilarious and adorable.

I'm about to try to get some pictures up soon. Stay tuned!

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