Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He's a trouble-maker

Brock can get into all kinds of trouble. He's really good at it. I'm pretty sure he's already crying over nothing just to get Riley in trouble, too. I fall for it every time.

The child has taken some incredible falls. He has permanent horns on his forehead from the bruisings it's taken.

And just in case anyone wants to call CPS on me--here's your proof:

This is a bit older so I have no idea what caused it. Possibly being pushed down by his brother.

He did this one himself. He just kinda slipped(while sitting!) and landed with his head on a little tractor. There was a nice hole for a while.


This is a new one and not nearly as bad as it was two days ago. He fell down the stairs and managed to bash his cheek on the way down. He barely cried! This kid is tough.

And my favorite didn't hurt his outside body. I'm not sure what it did to his insides other than to cause some super fun diapers for me! Here's the story: I knew Brock was somewhere in the kitchen/library area but it had gotten awfully quiet so I went to investigate. I found Brock and Denver(the fat dog) with a bag of the chocolate bark squares. I'm guessing Riley had snatched the bag off the island and took it to a corner chair in the library(that's his drop off spot to explore whatever he's swiped). And he left it be found by Brock who promptly took one of those blocks and started gnawing on it. One block was covered in slobber and had gnaw marks all over it. There were 2 others that were soggy. I didn't think to take a moment and take a picture until most of the evidence was thrown away.

Here's the only evidence left that didn't get thrown away or licked up by Denver.

His face and hands were covered in chocolate. That's my boy!

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