Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The ZOO!!!!

We finally made the trek through scary ghetto ville to visit our local Zoo. I'm sure the area was just fine when they built the zoo, but it is not a place I like to drive through now. No wonder the zoo closes at 4.

We went with our favorite locals: Cindy and Thomas. Thomas has trains. I think Riley has managed to make it home with at no less than 6 trains from Thomas's house. Thank goodness Mama Cindy doesn't mind. If we drive anywhere near their house, all I hear is, "See Thomas Cindy?" Cute but a little annoying the 34th time.

We saw a giraffe.
There was a Mama giraffe and a Baby said Thomas.

Brock was just along for the ride and the snack cup.

They had this little playground area with huge eggs and a big tree you could stand in and a massive alligator you could pose on. Riley was elusive. I only got one picture.


This slide was an elephant trunk. Sooo neat.

We then took a train ride through the woods and around a lake. It was a huge hit with both boys.

It was really fun and Riley had a blast. We'll definitely be going back!

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